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HTV-300S Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl

HTV-300S Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl
Alizarin PrettyStickers Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl ( HTV-300S ) is based polyvinyl chloride film that produced according to the EN17 standard with hot melt adhesive on polyester film line, Excellent cutting and weeding properties. Even detailed logos and extremely small lettering are cut table. Innovative hot melt adhesive is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton, polyester/acrylic, Nylon/Spandex and coated leather,EVA foamed etc.
Product Code:
50cm X 30M/Roll, 100cm X 30M/Roll
Printers, or Cutters:
Eco-Solvent printers and cutting plotters, Roland VS300i, BN20
Inks, or Cutter:
Eco-Solvent ink,Eco-Solvent MAX ink etc
Fabrics, or Projects:
100% cotton, polyester/cotton blend, artificial leather etc.
>10 Rolls
Delivery time:
20 days

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Eco-Solvent Printable Vinyl for rough fabrics 

1. PET Backing without any marks;
2. Excellent cutting and weeding properties;
3. Fllexible and elastic;
4. Customize fabric of favorite photos and color graphics with rough fabric surface.
5.  Good washable(wash in washing machine for more than 120Times;
6. Well ink absorbency to original ink and third party ink;
7. Ideal for personalizing T-shirts, canvas bags, canvas bags, uniforms, photographs on quilts etc.


Technical DataSuitable InkApplication InstructionsWashing InstructionsSuitable Textiles

Material: 100% PU HMA
EN17 polyvinyl chloride film

Carrier: coated paper
Average thickness: 290μm
Average film thickness: 180μm

Cut pressure: 45~85g

Blade: 35~45°

Original Eco-Solvent Max Ink
Mild-Solvent Ink
Solvent ink
and third party solvent ink

Latex ink

UV ink

Time: 15~25sec

Temperature: 145~165°C

Medium pressure (3/4 bar)

Remove the application tape hot/cold

Wait 24 hours before first wash

Wash inside out in Max 60°C water

Do not use bleach,fabric softener,
or harsh detergents

Do not dry clean

Do not tumble dry

100% cotton
100% polyester

polyester/cotton blend

polyester/acrylic blend

nylon/Spandex blend
artificial leather
non-woven shopping bag


Product Code:   HTV-300S

Roland Versa CAMM VS300i, Versa Studio BN20 

Specification: 50cm X 30M/Roll

Mimaki CJV130/CJV150.

Blade: 30° angle. After printing, dry it for more than 10 minutes .

Compatible ink: Eco-Solvent ink,Eco-Solvent MAX ink etc

and Eco-Solvent printers and cutting plotters.

Fabric: any dark and colored fabric or T-shirts, canvas bags, uniforms  and more.


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