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How to Press Light Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper on Light T-Shirts by mini heat press

How to Press Light Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper on Light T-Shirts by mini heat press


This is Light Inkjet heat transfer paper HT-150R made by Alizarin Technologies Inc.  It is a great and affordable way of transferring full color graphics onto your cotton or polyester garments! This brief video covers the simple process of creating inkjet transfers for white/light color T-shirts by mini travel heat press.

1.  Place the print side down on the garment where it fits.

2.  Set Mini 200degrees. Use the mini press to heat press the printed pattern on the clothes.

3.  Press hard and slowly from left to right, stay for 5 seconds at each place, and then move slowly from right to left. What’s more, when moving the iron for heat apply, less pressure should be given on the paper. Continue ironing until you have completely traced the side of the images. Slowly heat press from top to bottom. Make sure that the heat is evenly transferred over the entire areas. This entire process should take about 45-60seconds.

4.  Cover with a piece of greaseproof paper, and follow-up by ironing the whole images quickly, and then slowly heat apply back and forth from left to right, from bottom to top. Heating all of the transfer paper again for approximately 10-13seconds.Your image transferring is finished. Peel the back paper starting at the corner after the ironing process.

Note: If the transferring is not completely transferred, do not tear the backing paper, and press it again with mini press.

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