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HTW-300SR(V3G) Eco-solvent Dark Printable PU Flex

HTW-300SR(V3G) Eco-solvent Dark Printable PU Flex
Heat Transfer PU Flex for Eco-Solvent and Latex Print & Cut
Alizarin HTW-300SR (V3G) is a 100 micron transparent Bo-PET liner that can be used with Eco-Solvent ink jet printers such as Roland Versa CAMM VS300i, VersaStudio BN20 etc. Innovative hot melt adhesive is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic, Nylon/Spandex etc. by heat press machine. It is ideal for customizing dark, or light colored T-shirts, canvas bags, sport & leisure wear, uniforms, biking wear, promotional articles and more. The outstanding features of this product are fine cutting, consistent cutting and excellent washable.
Product Code:
50cm X 30M, 100cm X 30M /Roll
Printers, or Cutters:
Eco-Solvent printers and cutting plotters.
Inks, or Cutter:
Eco-Solvent ink, Eco-Solvent MAX ink etc
Fabrics, or Projects:
100% cotton, polyester/cotton blend, artificial leather etc.
>10 Rolls
Delivery time:
20 days

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Dark eco-solvent printable flex

1. Double glossy surface of clear polyester film;                  
2. Customize fabric of favorite photos and color graphics with glossy effects.

3. Fine cutting and more elastic;                                                           
4. Soft touch;    
5. Good washable and keep coloration;         
6. Well ink absorbency to third party ink,                                           
7.  Ideal for personalized T-shirts, canvas bags, uniforms, photographs on quilts etc.
8. Suitable for high-level printers.


Technica DataSuitable InkApplication InstructionsWashing InstructionsSuitable Textiles

Material: 100% PU

Carrier: polyester film
Average thickness: 180μm
Average film thickness: 80μm

Cut pressure: 45~85g

Blade: 35~45°

Original Eco-Solvent Max Ink
Mild-Solvent Ink
Solvent ink
and third party solvent ink

HP Latex ink

UV ink

Time: 15~25sec

Temperature: 145~165°C

Medium pressure (3/4 bar)

Remove the application tape hot/cold

Wait 24 hours before first wash

Wash inside out in Max 60°C water

Do not use bleach,fabric softener, or
harsh detergents

Do not dry clean

Do not tumble dry

100% cotton
100% polyester

polyester/cotton blend

polyester/acrylic blend

nylon/Spandex blend
artificial leather
non-woven shopping bag


Product Code: HTW-300SR (V3G)

Roland Versa CAMM VS300i, Versa Studio BN20 

Specification: 50cm X 30M/Roll, 100cm X 30M/Roll, other specifications are requirement.

Blade: 30° angle. After printing, dry it for more than 10 minutes .

Mimaki CJV130/CJV150.

Compatible ink: Eco-Solvent ink,Eco-Solvent MAX ink etc

and Eco-Solvent printers and cutting plotters.

Fabric: any dark and colored fabric or T-shirts, canvas bags, uniforms  and more.


Carton Size (Length x Width x Height)
Roll Size Roll/CartonG.W


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