We offer wide selection of Fabric, Cotton Canvas, Artificial leather, Non-woven fabric, Wood board etc. with our InkJet transfer paper, Color laser printing transfer paper, Heat transfer Printable and Cut soft PU flex,  and Heat transfer PU flex etc. At this you can download of our completely products catalogue, or watch our products videos and solutions for better understanding.   

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Inkjet transfer paper(HT-150P HTW-300)

Inkjet transfer paper(HT-150P HTW-300)


Inkjet heat transfer paper transferred onto textile

—— A  sheet printing done while you wait

—— Small investment and immediate results 

        The advantage of inkjet heat transfer paper is a sheet printing done while you wait. It is suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production that can be printed without plate-making, and transfer of vivid and exquisite patterns. Simple process, short process, time-saving and labor-saving. Transferred fabric can be washed many times. It can be transfered onto T-shirts, hats, sportswear, sweaters, bags, mouse pads, etc. Cotton, polyester, nylon, linen, artificial wool, artificial cotton, man-made leather etc.can be transfered.

HT-150P Light inkjet transfer paper

HTW-300 Dark inkjet transfer paper

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