What about design of eco-solvent printable vinyl by Alizarin?
Being equipped with excellent design team, Alizarin Coating Co, Ltd. is famous for its great design ability. Expect paying attention to the quality of eco-solvent printable vinyl, we also stress the importance of its appearance. Each product is designed with its unique style.
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As a professional and reputable manufacturer of transfer paper for inkjet, Alizarin have accumulated extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing. The inkjet transfer paper series has become a hot product of Alizarin. The designs of Alizarin color laser transfer paper are developed around some fundamental concepts such as comfort, breathability, safety, and appearance. The ink absorption ability of this product is strong. This product can somewhat protect the body from external influence like heat, chemicals, mechanical hazards, foul weather, etc., by shielding the skin from the environment. The product can ensure true colors and a high level of color saturation.
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It's important for us to know that we're performing as efficiently and as sustainably as possible. Our facility is accredited to ISO Standard 14001, which monitors strict environmental standards for activities like control of waste management and contamination.

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