Can I get any discount on eco film heat transfer vinyl in my first order?
In general, there will be discount on the first order. You are expected to tell Alizarin Coating Co, Ltd. about the order quantity and other services in need so that the items for discount may be ascertained. We intend to provide eco film heat transfer vinyl at the most reasonable price. Its current unit price is affordable to most of the clients. When a big order is placed, or a new client is here, discount may be offered. However, it should not be highly expected, as it is not aimed at offering discount, instead, helping establish partnership.

Alizarin over the years has evolved and today offers a complete range of color laser transfer paper. Alizarin's color laser transfer paper series are created based on unremitting efforts. The product has advantages of long service life and excellent performance. Good adhesive force is one of its biggest advantages. With strict quality assurance, our customers have no worry about buying inkjet transfer paper. It is very smooth and has a good hand feeling.

Alizarin upholds the impression that ability cultivation has consistently played a significant role in the evolution. Check now!
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