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The technologies of inkjet & color laser receptive coating is accompanied with the inkjet and laser plotters technical progress. At this you can download of our completely products catalogue, and visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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FAQ - Alizarin Products

FAQ - Alizarin Products


Q: Does the greaseproof paper/protected paper can be reused?


A: Yes the greaseproof paper/protected paper can be reused up to 5-8 times.


Q: How many washes does the heat transfer paper last?


A: It depends on the transfer paper you choose if you choose dark transfer paper then it keeps color 80-100 times and for light transfer paper it will be around 60-80 times and also it varies on temperature and pressure you applied. If you use a heat pressure machine with incorrect temperature, maybe it will be less washable than a heat press using a household iron on.


Q: Which side of the transfer paper do we need to print on?


A: The most common mistake while printing the transfer paper is printing on the wrong side.  Make sure that you are printing your image on the coated side of the transfer paper.


Q: How do we avoid paper curling?


A: We offer innovative hot melt adhesive which can keep the paper flat and easy match with all kinds of printers no curling will occur. If curling occurs then you could check your printer settings and make sure the paper is flat. In addition, to avoid curling you can store the paper in optimal condition like away from direct sunlight, and also keep the unused paper in the tightly closed bag.


Q: What kind of paper is used for printing T-shirts?


A: Heat Transfer paper is used for printing T-shirts. We have a wide variety of transfer paper based on the printer you use we could recommend you the right paper.

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