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The technologies of inkjet & color laser receptive coating is accompanied with the inkjet and laser plotters technical progress. At this you can download of our completely products catalogue, and visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Frequently asked question (FAQ) of heat transfer paper (1)

Frequently asked question (FAQ) of heat transfer paper (1)


Q: Why does the laser type transfer paper jam on the printing surface (coating melting) when printing?

A:Because when the laser machine is heated, the temperature inside the machine is high, which can reach about Our transfer paper is made of PU, which has great elasticity and shrinks after heated. The reasons are as follows: 1. The temperature is too high. 2. Printing thickness setting is too small. 3. There are solutions such as sticky dust on the roller inside the machine : 1. Pass through the machine with ordinary copy paper to take away a small part of the materials inside the machine body. 2. Set the printing thickness. You can choose the thicker option. 3. Clean the sticky dust on the printing roller.


Q: Is it ok for cotton t-shirt with your heat transfer paper ?

A: Yes, it is ok for any fabrics which can resist high temperature.


Q: What is the temperature and when does it need about our heat transfer paper?  

A:  Different products have their directions. So the temperatures and times are different. For light heat transfer paper, it needs 185oC, and 15seconds. For dark heat transfer paper, it needs 165oC, by 25seconds


Q: Is it printed by normal inks? What about CISS inks and sublimation?

A: Yes, we do not need special printer and inks. You can use the inkjet printer and inks in your office,and then print our inkjet heat transfer paper.
     It is no problem to use CISS inks ,sublimation inks and any other inks.


Q: Is it fade when we use inkjet printer?

A: No, it is difficult to fade. Our products have been proved that you can wash your t-shirt above 60times by washing machine.


Q: What is the pressure of press machine?

A: Moderate or high pressure.


Q:Why is it spilled inks when it was printed?

A:We should set the printer on Mini amount of ink when printing. We set “quality option” on “Photo”,but not “draft” about your inkjet printer.


Q: Why does the whitening phenomenon occurs on dark inkjet transfer paper?

A: These situations can occur to whitening phenomenon:
     a.the temperature is high, please down the temperature;

     b.the time is too long ,please use less time;

     c. you do not put a cotton on the grease proof paper,please do it.

Q:Why can not been peeled off about HT-150R?

A: It should peel the back paper off with hot. You can not peel it off when the paper is cold ,so please quickly.


Q: When peel the back paper of HT-150R, why is it pilling?

A: You can do these ways to solve it: 1.the temperature is low, please adjust proper temperature on the heat press machine not peel the back paper off when it is cold, please take it off  with hot.3 put the grease proof paper on the pattern, and then use the press machine to transfer it again.


Q:Why does the back paper have bubble with HT-150?

A: The temperature is too high, please take a grease proof paper on the HT-150.


Q: If it is not stable at first, should we use the heat press machine again?

A:Yes, it is ok. if you find the image out of the fabric, please put a grease proof paper on the image, and then set heat press machine on 160OC ,  by 10seconds to transfer it again.


Q:Should we use the house iron with steam to iron the fabric which is finished transferring image after be washed?

A:You can use house iron after finishing transfer,but do not use the steam function. You need to put the proof grease paper or a piece of cotton cover the image ,and the iron the fabric.


Q: Why does it good most parts of heat transfer paper, but some part is bad and it is pilling.

A: The place which is the heat press machine on is not formation, causing the uneven distribution when we are transferring. We need a stable ,heat-resistant surface for more better effect.


Q: Is it ok for your products by house iron What is the time should we take? How pressure should we need ?

A: Yes, our heat transfer paper is ok for house iron. It needs more pressure as you can for one minute.

Q: Laser heat transfer paper surface image is broken ,


1: Setting printing paper thickness is too thin

Solve methods: Before printing you should choose the thick paper in the laser printer


2: The color laser printer temperature is high when the laser heating, it will reach on 200-300degree

Solve methods: suggest use the normal A4 white paper pass the color laser printer in the heating

After the heater is steady, you can printing the heat transfer paper, the paper surface is PU .The Melting temperature is 165degree


3: In the laser printer, the Pickup head leave some dirty and broken image, so after printing,the dirty broken image will put on the surface laser paper

Solve methods: cleaning the pickup head by alcohol or a special cleaner,

After finish cleaning, use the normal paper pass the printer firstly.

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