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Which Investment Is Best For Beginner To Make The Colorful Logo Of Ceramic Mug?

Which Investment Is Best For Beginner To Make The Colorful Logo Of Ceramic Mug?


Alizarin Technologies Inc. supply Printable Heat Transfer Decal Foil that can be used by Eco-Solvent printers and cutters, such as Mimaki CJV150, Roland Versa CAMM VS300i, Versa Studio BN20, for all your craft projects. Personalize and customize your project by printing unique designs on our decal foil. Transfer decals foil onto No surface treatment (Un-Coated) ceramic tile, marble, porcelain cup, ceramic mug, glass, crystal stone, Aluminum plate, metal, plastic materials and other hard surface.

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what you can do for your craft projects ?

ceramic mug

Melamine mug

ceramic mug

Melamine mu

Melamine mug

What do you need to invest ?

Eco-Solvent printers and cutters

priority to choose Roland printers and cutters, such as Bn20VG3SG3, etc.

Melamine mug

roller heat press

What do you need to buy from us?

Printable Heat Transfer Decal Foil

Size: 50cm X 30 meter/roll

■  Exclusive metallic colors
■  No surface treatment (un-coated), unlimited base color
  Compatibility with Eco-Solvent Max ink, UV ink, and Latex ink, etc.
  Good ink absorption, and color retention
  Compatibility with Eco-Solvent Printers and Printers/Cutters

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