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How to make a customized easy- patterned handbag for Halloween

How to make a customized easy- patterned handbag for Halloween


According to your design and choose Alizarin eco-solvent printable PU flex.

This is Alizarin normal dark eco-solvent printable PU flex HTW-300SE, fine-cutting, bright glossy colors and excellent washing resistance.

Printing by #Roland VS300i, 540i & Bn20,

                   #Mimaki CJV with BS4 ink, or other kind of Eco-solvent printers;

                   #HP Latex inkjet printers;

                   #UV inkjet printers.

Transferred the Alizarin Easy-patterns onto Canvas fabric with 165 degrees, 25seconds.

Use a sewing machine to make slices into bags


Decorate the easy patterns with HTV such as brilliant golden, Glitter black and green flock.

Press Iron-on the handbag with heat transfer PU flex such as as brilliant golden GD911, Glitter black GL913bk and green flock W503.

Set the MINI PRESS with the temperature up to 170degrees.All Heat transfer PU flex could be multilayered.

It is no longer a difficult thing to make holiday bags for festive atmosphere, mainly you choose our Eco-solvent printable Easy-patterns PU flex products.

Alizarin Easy-Patterns are widely used on customized business for holidays or more. Get yours before they're gone! Contact your Authorized Distributor or sales manager to purchase. Or email us at to get full solutions.. Size: 51cm X30M, 60cm X30M, 111cm X 30M each roll.

We have many materials for choose, Such as ordinary dark eco-solvent printable PU flex HTW-300SE, Golden eco-solvent printable PU flex HTG-300S, eco-solvent printable PU flex HTGD-300S, reflective eco-solvent printable PU flex HTS-300SRF, pearlescent eco-solvent printable PU flex HTW-300SF,Sub-block co-solvent printable PU flex HTW-300SAF etc., make full version of picture design, we can support for your holiday design.

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