How long can laser transfer paper for dark fabric be used?
A long service life is a promise made by Alizarin Coating Co, Ltd.. You may contact us if there are any problems during this. The long service life is a strong competitiveness of transfer paper . Users always take service life, cost, price, quality, etc. into consideration. Please note that the service life may be extended if the product is used in good conditions.

Alizarin is a heat transfer vinyl wholesale company of enormous vitality, full of skilled artisans. Alizarin's inkjet transfer paper series are created based on unremitting efforts. The strict quality control ensures the quality and performance of the product meets the industry specification. Excellent tear resistance is one of its biggest strengths. iron on inkjet transfer paper produced by us are all of high quality. The product can be peeled under hot or cold conditions after the heat press.

The Alizarin brand's desire is to win the leading position in the transfer paper for inkjet manufacturing market. Get more info!
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